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STC - Arquitetura

The STC - Arquitetura lda. is an Architectural Design, Coordination and Management Office, led by the Architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho, graduated from the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) where he teaches since 1989 and has 28 years of experience and work in Portugal as in Spain.

As a working method, STC appreciates participating in the embryonic phase of the projects, in defining concepts related to the development of a brand, including its economic and financial dimension, being actively involved in all its components. This method and this involvement engages listening and involving all the actors in the process, with the aim of producing the strongest ideas, the most appropriate concepts, favoring more effectively that the project acquires a strong personality and fulfills the objectives outlined by the developer.

Samuel Torres de Carvalho

Throughout his professional career he has received several awards, among which the COAM Prize (Official College of Architects of Madrid), the “Obra Bem Construida" and more recently the Memmo Alfama Hotel Rehabilitation Project in Lisbon. 2014 two Real Estate Oscars, for "Best Rehabilitation" and "Best Tourist Project". The Memmo Alfama Hotel was also highlighted by the prestigious Wallpaper Magazine as one of the 48 best hotels in the world, having been the only Portuguese Hotel to be distinguished.

Architect Samuel is in charge of the general coordination of projects, both public and private, as well as the supervision and technical assistance to the work. His experience guarantees a great understanding of the client's position and a deep knowledge of the act of designing.


Architect Leader

  • Samuel Torres de Carvalho

Project Director

  • Miguel Peixoto

Senior Architects

  • Catarina Faria
  • Ivan Teixeira
  • João Caetano
  • Nuno Marcos
  • Susana Medeiros
  • Xana Gavancha


  • Alessandro Vilas Boas
  • Carlos Paulo
  • Carmen Martin
  • Cristina Cojo
  • Frederico Moura
  • Lorena Cabrera
  • Mariana Pato
  • Raquel Catarino
  • Sofia Ribeiro
  • Ynae Bomfim
  • Vega Soler